We offer a variety of programs, flexible schedules and a personal approach. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective learning experience possible.

The Intensive English program offers classes focused on speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar. Each class is taught by extremely experienced teachers. The average class size is between 8 and 10 students. The maximum class size is 15 students with a minimum age requirement of 16 (18 in Los Angeles). Activities are scheduled each week and include “Living Language Labs,” sightseeing trips, entertainment, and volunteer activities.  A new session starts every four weeks, so you can register any time of the year. Classes are from Monday to Friday, for a total of 20 hours a week. Student Visa: Required

In this shortened version of the Intensive Program, you will study reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This program allows more free time to experience culture outside the classroom. Classes are from Monday to Friday, for a total of 15 hours a week. Student Visa: Not Required

Special Intensive
Students who participate in the Special Intensive program may also join an Academic (TOEFL), Business, or Culture class, in addition to the Intensive classes. Contact your center to get more information about the classes they offer.


(Salt Lake City, Provo, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orlando)
Intercultural programs are very flexible, provide great learning opportunities, and are fun, fun, fun! The Intercultural programs are open for individual enrollment or for groups. This program is offered in January and July; special dates throughout the year are available for groups. Contact us for detailed itineraries. Optional Excursion Packages (OEPs) with tours to Disneyland, Hollywood, Universal Studios, etc., are also available.

English Plus Shopping
(Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orlando)
This program offers English classes in the mornings, and fun activities and shopping in the afternoon. You will learn how to make holiday crafts, decorate cookies, and take advantage of great holiday discount shopping. Starting in November and ending before Christmas, this program gives you an opportunity to experience the American holidays without missing Christmas in your home country.

Half-Half Program
(Indianapolis, San Diego only)

This program allows advanced students to study part time at Internexus and part time at the university. After this program, your transition into taking academic classes on campus for credit will be easier.


(Indianapolis Only)
English classes for those who want to take a Master of Business Administration degree. Contact Internexus Indianapolis at atyson@internexus.edu or +1 (317) 788-6108.


Teacher Training
(San Diego Only)

TOEFL Preperation
(San Diego Only)


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