See The USA.

Contestants in the Miss Korea Queen pageant learn to walk the catwalk at a modeling academy in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. To the world, these girls are the epitome of the aesthetics of K-Beauty, the Korean beauty industry. The $ 13 billion beauty business is setting the standard for Asian beauty for many.
But it was Uek who became a real revelation – she was a beauty of a completely different kind.

The tightly curled curls are cut to near zero. Smooth, no visible pores, dark chocolate skin, wide nose, full lips, incredibly long and incredibly thin legs – her entire elongated, sinewy body looked like a revived portrait of an African woman, made in the style of “stick, stick, gherkin.”

The Internexus Way!

From the Atlantic beaches, through the Heartland of America, to the Pacific ocean and beyond, we are sure to have the perfect location for you. Better yet, with easy transfers between our schools, you can enjoy all the USA has to offer as you learn English with us.


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