All our classes have a maximum of 14 students in a class. The minimum age for students wishing to join a course is 16 years old. Classes run from Monday to Friday Teaching takes place 9.15am – 12pm, 1pm – 3.45pm. There is a 15 minute break during the morning and afternoon classes Courses can be booked online only

General English Courses

General English Morning Classes

A communicative class balancing the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, as

well as focusing on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and aspects of

British culture. Students are provided with an interactive course book, in addition to a range of authentic materials, such as newspaper articles, documentaries and video. The classes are personalized, engaging, with a clear focus on meaningful and developmental activities which promote language learning in the context of the classroom and beyond.

General English Afternoon Classes

A skills based course that focuses specifically on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students also have the opportunity to focus on specific skills su

ch as Business English, or Pronunciation (subject to demand).

General English Plus

An intensive course, combining General English Morning and Afternoon Classes. It is for students that wish to maximize their learning opportunities and progress quickly through different levels of English language

English Level: Mid-intermediate – advanced (B1 –C1)

Course Length: From 2 – 48 weeks, course length varies depending on a student’s individual needs and current level of English. All students complete a monthly progress test.

Course Dates: Monthly enrollments throughout the year and bi-monthly enrollments during the summer


Weeks General English Morning(cost per week) General English Afternoon(cost per week) General English Plus – Morning + Afternoon(cost per week) Registration Fee Summer Supplement (July/August only)
2 weeks £260 £210 £340 £50 £25
3 – 8 weeks £240 £190 £320 £50 £25
9 – 16 weeks £235 £145 £305 £50 £25
17 – 24 weeks £215 £140 £295 £50 £25
25+ weeks £190 £135 £265 £50 £25

All General English prices include course books, testing fee and certificate


IELTS and Academic Skills

A progression based course for students who want to develop their skills and the IELTS examination. The course builds students’ confidence in reading, writing, listening, speaking and vocabulary. It combines a range of examination practice and language development through engaging and stimulating activities and materials. Students will develop their understanding of exam techniques and strategies for each of the exam components while developing their general English skills.

IELTS is a widely accepted qualification for university entrance in the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

NB: Students will sit an official IELTS exam at the end of the course

Mid-Intermediate to High Intermediate (IELTS)

English Level: B1
Course Length: 12 weeks
Course Dates:
21 September – 11 December 2015
29 March – 17 June 2016

Upper Intermediate to Advanced (IELTS)

English Level: B2/C1
Course Length: 8 weeks
Course Dates:
19 October – 11 December 2015
01 February – 25 March 2016
25 April – 17 June 2016
27 June – 19 August 2016


English Level Tuition Fee Exam Fee Registration Fee
Mid Intermediate-High Intermediate (B1) £3,500 £150 £50
Upper Intermediate – Advanced (B2/C1) £2,975 £150 £50


Internship Programme (English+ Work Experience)

A practical business-focused course for students who want to improve their

overall competence in English and gain valuable work experience in an English speaking work environment. Gaining work experience in a London company is a great ways to optimize future opportunities. We work with an agency that is able to place students into valuable placement opportunities in the sectors of their choice. Work placements are allocated on arrival and can be arranged in most sectors. Please contact us for a full

list of work fields in which placements may be arranged.

Students study one or two degree level modules over four, eight or twelve weeks and take the credits back to their home institution towards their degree programme. The students are then able to then take a work placement for the corresponding amount of time.

English Level: Upper Intermediate to Advanced (B2/C1)
Course Dates: Please contact us to discuss your enrollment options


Programme Length Tuition Fee Internship Fee Registration Fee
4 x 4 weeks £1295 £675 £50
8 x 8 weeks £2695 £675 £50
12 x 12 weeks £3995 £675 £50



The pre-sessional programmes are designed specifically for students who have been provisionally accepted on degree programmes at Regent’s University London. It provides an overview of academic culture in the UK, develops general and academic English, and explores different types of academic assessment. Upon successful completion of the course, students can progress directly to their chosen degree course at Regent’s provided they have met the course requirements.

English Level: Upper Intermediate to Advanced (B2/C1)
Course Length: 8 weeks or 12 weeks
8 weeks
02 November 2015 – 08 January 2016
27 June – 19 August 2016

12 weeks
05 October – 11 December 2015
30 May – 19 August 2016


Programme Length Tuition Fee Registration Fee
8 weeks £2420 £50
12 weeks £3500 £50


Contact Details

Telephone: 0207 487 7489