Meet Internexus

Have fun this Summer learning English at one of our 6 fantastic locations!

Outstanding English Classes

Want to learn English for school, business, or other reasons? Want to score high on the TOEFL? We are the number one choice for quick results in a fast, fun classroom environment.

Talented Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff BEGIN at Internexus because they have excellent skills and knowledge. They STAY here because they deliver outstanding service to you and our other students.

Excellent Support

Whether it is finding the best housing, showing you around your new town, helping you with your studies or with planning that extra-special side trip, our staff is always eager to ensure that you gain life-long friendships and memories when you study with us.

See the USA. The Internexus Way!

From the Atlantic beaches, through the Heartland of America, to the Pacific ocean and beyond, we are sure to have the perfect location for you. Better yet, with easy transfers between our schools, you can enjoy all the USA has to offer as you learn English with us.

What our Students Say



From Japan

I like this school’s atmosphere. We can relax and not feel stressed in a supportive environment. The teachers and staff are also really friendly.



From Kazakhstan

My English improved a lot, especially listening and speaking. Glen is a great teacher and works really well with his students. My goal was to pass the iBT TOEFL test the very first time and I did it!



From France

Internexus has cool teachers and students. I enjoyed being able to speak with other students in English. I really like the textbook I bought from Internexus I’ll use this textbook to study and practice English during my free time back in France.



From Brazil

Best English school in California. Grant will ALWAYS be ready to help you. I strongly recommend this school to anyone who asks me how to improve his English skills.